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ASL Logistik GmbH

ASL Logistics Co. Ltd. is a German company with high professional competencies and considerable experience not just in railway transport, but in all types of logistics transportation fields between Europa and Asia. The company is located at the Ruhr urban area, near the Duisburg-port. With our seamless network and strong cooperation partners between Europe and Asia, we could provide our clients the best possible corresponding door-to-door solutions. Read More

ASL Logistics Co. Ltd. is dedicated to creating a comprehensive supply chain service platform. The China-Europe trains and domestic long-distance highways will be used as the key channel to establish a modern logistics integrated transport capacity system.Read More

Based on our professional competences and cooperation partners, we are committed to providing our customers with transparent information and secure experiences while using our services. We will uphold the tenet of a “customer first, service first, quality first” principle and strive to provide our customers with cost- and time efficient, experienced service that satisfies your needs.

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Besides the traditional air freight and ocean transportation, ASL Logistics Co. Ltd. is dedicated to creating seamless intercontinental logistics chains based on the China-Europe railway. We offer you comprehensive railway transport services and have close and strong logistics enterprise partners. We operate individual bulk and container train services and provide weekly block train services to/from Hamburg, Duisburg, Tilburg, Milan, Xi'an, Hefei, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Wuhan. In addition, we offer to our customers transport services in Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe as well as in Asia (in Japan, South Korea, or Southeast Asia for example)
Our weekly block train services hinge on our ability to lower costs of logistic fees to offer quality services at low prices. That helps our customers to get the right balance between effectiveness and efficiency.

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Cooperation network

As Third-Party Logistics Provider, ASL Logistics Co. Ltd. has a network linking Europe, Asia, and North America, and operates more than 100 Truck companies, customs clearance companies, warehouses, container companies, and distribution centers/offices in 30 countries and regions.
As one of important participants in the China-Europe railway service, ASL Logistics Co. Ltd. enjoys a close cooperation dealing with major railway transportation companies and cooperates with more than 20 freight forwarders. If you are engaged or just interested in the logistic business, feel free to contact us.

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[Recruitment] ASL logisitk GmbH is a professional logistics company focusing on China Europe trains and multimodal transport in Europe. Due to the needs of business development, the company is looking for China Europe train logistics operators (working hours: 8:00-17.00), regardless of gender. A full-time long-term work contract can be signed after passing the probation for 6 months.


Position: 2-4 logistics operators of China Europe train

Job content:

1. On line system operation, booking, inquiry, tracking and recording of China Europe train;

2. Communicate with customers and prepare relevant documents required for transportation;

3. coordinate customs declaration, inspection and transportation with customs declaration companies and trailer companies.


1. Good German and English listening, speaking and writing skills;

2. Be serious and responsible, work carefully, have good communication skills, and be good at dealing with problems and contradictions;

3. German university degree or above, major in logistics, foreign trade or related workers are preferred;

4. more than 1 year experience in international logistics (sea, air and rail) operation is preferred

5. Be proficient in computer operation and be able to use office skillfully


1. An attractive remuneration with overtime arrangements and 13. Salary

2. Very good individual development and promotion opportunities in a growing and globally operating company

3. An organization with flat hierarchies where you can grow and feel comfortable

4. A challenging and varied job as well as independent work

5. A subsidised company pension scheme, capital-effective benefits and risk hedging

6. A pleasant and collegial working environment in which employees of different backgrounds and orientations are successful together.


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